Andy grew up in a musical household so it was natural to learn an instrument, guitar and piano were the instruments of choice and so began the musical journey. Jazz, Blues, Rock were the genre but Jazz was and is the favorite. At the age of 17, Andy picked up the bass guitar and never looked back! Figuring that he could get steady work, he became a very serious electric bass player and started gigging with local bands. Still having a love for playing guitar, Andy kept playing acoustic and electric guitar to keep “in shape” and picked up work playing lead guitar and fronting a blues and even a “surf guitar” band. Later he acquired an acoustic upright bass and started gigging on the local Jazz scene. Andy has played with numerous local Jazz, Rock and Blues combos, toured the U.S., has played internationally and continues to be a solid bass player on the music scene. Now playing with the Jerry “Hot Rod” DeMink band is icing on the cake.

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